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350Z (2003-)

The carbon duct of an exclusive design develops the shape which does full interception of the heat in an engine room.Fresh air is imported direct it falls and inhalation air temperature is stabilized.Torque and an upgrade are realized all over the districts from low revolution to a high revolution region.You can also enjoy a sporty air intake sound.


Part Number: FR-0201

GT-R (2012-)

The large filter box where engine room capacity is harnessed in the maximum is designed. A carbon filter case intercepts the heat of an engine room. And a big carbon introduction duct takes in much air direct from in front of. It does by repeating a real run test, and a performance gain is realized throughout a response rise in the torque gain of a low-speed region, the standup of a sharp boost, and a high revolution region etc. A powerful air intake sound is also united with the presence in the engine room when opening a bonnet, and it can be satisfied with a Japanese-made real carbon material at all.


Part Number: FR-0212