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Aston Martin

V8 Vantage

The GruppeM exhaust system was developed capitalizing on expertise gained from our many years of air intake development. As a result of repeated testing and trials, we have arrived at the optimum pipe diameters and layouts to create an ideal feeling of power. Notably, by being matched with the Ram-Air System, the Titanium Series, accomplishing drastic weight reduction, represents real advantage that is worthy of comparison to the ultimate exhaust. Characteristic of titanium, that dry, high-pitch exhaust note and heat generated color gradation manifest a racy atmosphere, while the stainless steel series produce a gentle, uplifting tone. Consideration also has been given to installation, to make the process straightforward and stress-free. Since we know so much about air intake systems, we want to offer total coordination by bringing you exhaust systems of quality worthy of the GruppeM name.


Part Number: EXI-0193